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Hello - My name is Cathy and I am passionate about the outdoors and photography. I am known to get very excited when I see something cool to photograph. Just ask my 94 yr old grandma who took me on an RV road trip through Oregon for 10 days a few summers ago. She had to make a lot of quick stops for me to grab those memorable shots.

Besides being outdoors, fishing, hiking and boating, I also find joy in writing inspirational poetry and songs, playing my guitar, listening to music, gardening, exercising my brain at the computer, and most of all I enjoy spending time with family and friends.

I have been through many storms (trials) in my life from the early death of loved ones, divorce after 25 yrs, and the biggest storm of all was a life changing disability that left me with some significant physical challenges. Photography has been a wonderful hobby to help keep my mind and body active.

My inspirational writings do reflect some of those dark times but through my deep faith in God I have found there is always Hope For A New Day. I hope through this website you to will be inspired that with God's help your life can be truly wonderful no matter what trials you face.

Have a Wonderful and Blessed New Day!

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Have a Wonderful and Blessed New Day!
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